RV Inverters in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nearby States

Lots of people are taking to the roads in RVs in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. What they might not realize is that the inverter they have in their RV might not be up to what they are demanding of it. A conversation with Solar Biz will save you headaches down the road and will ensure that your RV inverter is ready to handle what you need it to. Whether you intend to always be connected to shore power or you want to go off the beaten track, the right RV inverter can make all the difference in your experiences.

Know What Your RV Came With

Magnum MSH-3012M 3000W 12V RV Inverter in Arizona, California, New MexicoDid your RV come with an inverter or a converter? They are not the same and if you don't know what you have, that is the first step to take before heading out on the road. Basically, an inverter and a converter do opposite jobs. An inverter takes 12 volt DC power and inverts it into 120 volt AC power. A converter does the opposite, and the purpose is to run the 12-volt appliances that are in your RV, such as your lights, motors, and other things.

You might want to be able to swap out that RV fridge for a standard home refrigerator. Only an inverter can handle that because that home fridge needs 120 volts to operate; your RV fridge likely got away with using the 12-volt option. If your RV has any standard outlets to them, unless they are connected to an inverter that is connected to your batteries, those outlets will only work when you are connected to shore power.

The same issues with the sine wave apply to RV inverters as well as home inverters. A pure sine wave inverter will be much more like standard power from the grid, where a modified sine wave inverter can cause motors and other devices to wear out faster as the power supply isn't as good as from the pure sine wave.

Plan for How You Intend to Use Your RV

The planning stage is critical to making sure that your RV inverter is up to the challenges that you want to embark on. When you talk with Solar Biz about your RV inverter needs, they will help you figure out what is important and how you intend to use your electrical supply. You will also have an in-depth understanding of your RVs capabilities so that you don't overextend yourself and end up stranded or ruining devices. Contact them today to learn more.

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