Generally when you have two batteries or a battery fail in a series connected string, the progression of dominoes has already started. People replace the 2 batteries, and then a couple of months later, another one or two go out, and another, and so it goes.

While it may appear to be economically prudent to only buy two batteries, the failure of two batteries really indicates a prolonged period of abuse of some type. For example:

  • the inability to charge them properly
  • poor maintenance, like inadequate watering
  • lack of proper equalization
  • just the wrong programming or Improper charging parameters
  • too short an absorb time
  • or, perhaps your batteries are all jammed together. Batteries run too hot without 1” to 2” between them.
  • Batteries operating at 77 degrees enjoy twice the life of those operating at 95 degrees. Most of what we see when batteries are jammed close together are batteries that are substantially above 95 degrees, cutting their life potential down to a quarter or less.

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