Small Off-Grid Solar System

While there are some people who are savvy enough or just want to pick the best components for their off-grid solar setup, there are many more who are very happy to have a complete system that all work together right away. There are a lot of different sizes you can get for your off-grid system, but many times a small off-grid solar system will do the job. When you call us at Solar Biz, we can help you to figure out the right size for your small off-grid solar system. Whether you want a small system for your backyard shed or have a small cabin where an off-grid system is the only way to get power, we can work with you to get exactly what you need.

Why Choose an Off-Grid Solar System

Solar Panel for Small Off-Grid Solar SystemThere is a lot of talk about grid-tied systems and adding solar panels to homes. This is fine for most homes that are in neighborhoods and want the ability to be green but still have the benefit of the grid for backup. However, there are plenty of people with property that isn't tied to the electrical grid, and many of those properties are so far from the electrical grid that it would be prohibitively expensive to connect to the electrical grid.

Whether it would be too costly, or you would prefer to not be reliant on the electrical grid, choosing a small off-grid solar system can get you started on a self-sustaining electrical system. These systems can help power electrical fences if you have livestock, your well pump for fresh water, as well as electrical lights, a refrigerator, and other electrical devices.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

The small off-grid solar systems that we have are all pre-wired together for you and ready to be wired into a battery bank and to feed into a building electrical system. Some of these small off-grid solar systems can also be wired into a generator that you may have that runs off propane or another fuel. These systems are designed to make the property self-sufficient so that if a grid blackout happens, your property will still have power.

From inverters to charge controllers and all the other needed pieces, the team at Solar Biz can help you put together your complete off-grid setup. We can help you to add up all the items that you need electricity for and then determine what the minimum size of a system should be to keep up with your property demands. Our small off-grid solar systems can be the perfect solution that you need. Call us today to work with our team to build your off-grid solar system.

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