Speak Up

The US Senate is trying to do an end run with the dead Marketplace Fairness Act. This bill would require any company to collect, track and pay sales tax to every tax entity in the 50 states on internet sales.

This insane bill would place a huge burden on every small company operating in the United States. Only large corporations would have the resources and manpower to comply with this.

It’s bad enough that the mass marketers have effectively shut down Main Street USA (now downtowns are empty stores and a big Walmart stands outside of every town , selling us totally Chinese goods) But now they’re going after the last small business strong-hold left in the US, in this effort to completely cripple them with this tax burden. It’s crazy that the name of this bill is the opposite of what it really is.

If it passes the only on-line retailers will be Walmart, Sears and Target.

Please click here which will bring up a form letter that will automatically go to your Congress People voicing your opposition to this insanity.

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