Survey Shows Solar Popular Opinion

A recent article completed for the Solar Energy Industries Association website summarized the findings of a study conducted collaboratively between the SEIA and Hart Research Associates. For the last five years, both organizations have worked together to complete the survey, which polls the opinion of the American republic in terms of solar energy.

Several key findings were present in the study. Just over nine out of ten Americans think that the United States should develop and use more power energy; specifically, ninety two percent of those polled agreed with this statement. Furthermore, those who voted proved to prefer solar power to any alternative sources of energy; eighty five percent of voters, plus eighty seven percent of swing voters backed solar energy as the suggested primary source of energy.

The study also researched the opinions of political parties in regards to solar energy. In general, seventy five percent of Republicans favor the use of solar energy. Eighty five percent of Independents and ninety four percent of Democrats also support the practice. In terms of the involvement of the federal government, nearly eight out of ten Americans polled felt that the government should incentivize solar development, in the hopes of leading to further installation of solar units; specifically, seventy eight percent of Americans polled believed that the government should find a way to reward those who use solar energy. Furthermore, seven out of ten Americans truly believe that the federal government should be doing more to support and encourage the use of solar power.

The statistics support this belief, as over one hundred thousand Americans are currently employed through some means of solar power, through five thousand businesses nation-wide in all fifty states. The economic benefit from creating more plants and more avenues or solar power is clear, due entirely to the well-rounded benefits of employing the energy source; solar provides business for companies, savings for homeowners, education for schools and jobs for communities.

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