Wet Cell Batteries in Arizona, California, and New Mexico

When you start putting together your full solar setup, part of what you will need for it are batteries so that you have storage for the energy you produce during daylight hours. Even in Arizona, California, and New Mexico, it is important to have battery storage so you can continue to run your appliances and lights during the night. Often the talk will center around lithium battery storage, but there is a tried-and-true technology for batteries that shouldn't be overlooked: wet cell batteries. Wet cell battery technology has been around for a long time, they are rechargeable, and they are less expensive than other battery types. Talk with the team at Solar Biz to better understand all of your options for a solar setup.

How Do Wet Cell Batteries Work?

Wet Cell Batteries in Arizona, California, and New MexicoWet cell batteries, which are typically lead-acid batteries, contain lead, lead oxide, plates, and an electrolyte solution of water and acid, which gives it the name wet cell. These plates are either anodes or cathodes, attached to the negative or positive terminal on the battery. A chemical reaction occurs between the lead, lead oxide, and the electrolyte solution which produces electricity.

Wet cell batteries can be up to four times less expensive than lithium batteries, which makes them a popular choice for a battery bank, especially a larger one. These batteries are also recyclable, which is an important feature in a solar setup where you want to minimize the impact you have on the environment. These batteries are also easy to come by so you won't have to wait if you need to replace one or want to expand the size of your battery bank. You can likely go to the nearest sizable town and find them for sale.

Types of Wet Cell Batteries

In the world of wet cell batteries, there are several varieties to be aware of. These lead-acid batteries come in a serviceable or non-serviceable variety. The serviceable kind allows you to remove the caps to access the electrolyte and refill them with distilled water. The non-serviceable kind is referred to as maintenance-free and these caps are sealed. You can also find these batteries as starting batteries or deep cycle batteries. The starting batteries have a series of thinner plates and provide short bursts of high energy, whereas the deep cycle batteries have thicker plates and can be deeply discharged multiple times and then recharged.

No matter what size your system is in Arizona, California, or New Mexico, you will likely find that the wet cell battery will be the ideal battery storage solution for your solar setup. Contact Solar Biz today to learn more and have them help you layout your solar setup.

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