All of my Batteries in my Bank are Dead

We hear this a lot. If your entire battery bank fails, it was caused by something else other than the batteries. Perhaps the charger was not charging properly, or it wasn’t even turned on. Maybe if you have it, shore power was disconnected. Maybe a load was left on.

Having even two batteries fail suddenly is less likely than you winning the Powerball four weeks in a row! The best way to solve this is to check the voltage on all the batteries (you don’t have to disconnect them) and then use a battery charger to help boost them up to a voltage that your inverter system will turn on.

Question: My battery bank will not charge above 12.2 volts or my run time between charges is not what it used to be.

Answer: This is a sure sign that your batteries are sulfated. The biggest cause of sulfation is not fully recharging your batteries at least once every ten days. The typical cause here is an error in programming Absorb time.

Batteries can also get sulfated from either sitting for long periods with no charge or accidentally getting drained down without being recharged.

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