The charge controller is the part that Tom Duffy created back in 1969 without realizing this product would be a crucial piece of equipment in a future industry that did not exist at the time. The charge controller is now a vital part of almost every solar system.

Many people experience problems with their batteries because of improper care. 87% of all batteries die prematurely. That is a very high percentage that can easily be reduced with proper education. The reason for the premature failure is because of abuse. What are the most common forms of abuse?

May 2014: We have the SolarWorld 280’s, but only a very small quantity. We have a lot more coming out in June. We have SolarWorld 275’s, LG 275’s, 270’s, 260’s, 250’s. All of these solar panels are 60 cell and would be compatible with the micro inverters.

Now, let’s address the second problem of improper charging. At the time batteries were built, the manufacturer did not know how big a system could get and thus did not know how they would be charged. All the manufacturer knew was the voltage of the battery.

In the United States, we typically keep 60 gallons of hot water in a closet to use when we need it. This is the equivalent of leaving our car running in the garage, all day and night in case we may need to drive it. Most of the rest of the world makes hot water on demand only at the time they need it and they make only the amount they need.

Living sustainably can include living off-the-grid, or on the grid. In Obama’s State of the Union address he suggests that for the future we move from a gasoline powered fleet to a natural gas powered fleet. But, we are running out of time to reduce usage. That message is really the equivalent of saying that a dull stick in the eye is better than a sharp stick in the eye.

We are very excited about the new Outback 4048A Radian Inverter and the 8048A Radian Inverter, which is the Grid Zero Inverter. Everybody should be excited about this inverter. This inverter will be a game changer, and critical in changing the face of solar to promote it for the future. These inverters allow everyone to cut or perhaps completely eliminate their electric bill without getting permission from the electric company, the government or anyone.

Living sustainably we reduce our dependency on foreign oil or we live completely without the electric company and you be your power company. You could bring your electric car home. Plug it into your own solar power generating station and run your car for free off the sun.

As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the United States’ EPA has introduced the Clean Power Plan—a proposed rule that applies to existing power plants in regards to regulating carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is a well-known factor in contributing to global warming and has, therefore, become of high importance to the Obama Administration.

The United States Commerce Department has announced new tariffs to be placed on solar panels and solar cells produced in China. Another case has been filed to apply similar tariffs on products made in Taiwan. Specifically, antidumping and countervailing duty tariffs have been applied; these tariffs are very complicated issues that will have even further complications to be applied to the entire solar industry.

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