SB3024DiL/DUO with Load Diversion & Display

SB3024DiL/DUO with Load Diversion & Display
Price: $373.97
Item Number:BLU-18012
Weight:5.00 lbs
Manufacturer:Blue Sky Energy
Model Number:SB3024DiL/DUO
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:02/26/2019


SB3024DiL/DUO with Load Diversion & Display

The Factory Installed Duo model includes an auxiliary output which can serve as a 20 amp load controller. The Installed DUO-Option converts the 3024's load control output into a separate Diversion type charge controller. In addition to a cost advantage, the DUO-Option provides a significant charge control advantage compared to using a separate diversion controller for power sources requiring diversion type charge control. With the DUO-Option both the MPPT PV and Diversion power controllers operate under the direction of a single charge control system providing proper multi-stage battery charge control from whichever power source is available. The DUO-Option also provides the flexibility to deliver either minimum power or maximum power to the diversion dump load. MinPower mode is typically used for basic charge control. The MaxPower mode delivers maximum available power to the dump load (including PV power) and is typically utilized to heat water.

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