Bogart PentaMetric Computer Interface w/Ethernet PM 101-CE

Bogart PentaMetric Computer Interface w/Ethernet PM 101-CE
Price: $132.97

Item Number:BOG-250011
Weight:2.00 lbs
Manufacturer:Bogart Engineering
Model Number:PM 101-CE
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:07/02/2018


Bogart PentaMetric Computer Interface w/Ethernet PM 101-CE

PentaMetric Components:

  • PM-5000-U PentaMetric input unit
  • PM-100-D PentaMetric display unit
  • PM-100-C-RS232 RS232 Computer interface
  • PM-102-C-USB USB computer interface
  • PM-101-CE Ethernet/internet interface

There are three choices of computer interfaces are available with software to control and read out all data using a Windows computer.

PM-100-C :RS232 interface

PM-100-USB :USB interface.

PM-101-CE Ethernet interface with internet communications (TCP/IP) which can be connected to a computer or Internet router

The PMComm sofware (included with any of these computer interfaces) allows a Windows computer to read all data and control all functions of the PentaMetric.Bogart also provides information for programmers who wish to access the data with their own programs.

The PentaMetric Ethernet Interface PM-101-CE connects to the 4-wire bus from thePentaMetric input device, and connects to a router or computer by an Ethernet cable. It provides logged data and program functionality for all PentaMetric devices from a remote location through the internet. The remote computer must have the Windows operating system with the PMComm software (available as a free download from Bogart website). The PMComm program allows viewing of up to 6 simultaneous data items.

Local, static internet address required at PentaMetric system installation point. V2.0 or greater of the PentaMetric input unit required. (This can be identified by removing the cover from the Input unit and looking for the chip that has the white label that shows, for example, "V. 2.0F".) If you do not have this version, it can be upgraded for a small charge. Housed in a 2.75 x 4.25 x 1 inch enclosure.

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