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Bogart SC2030 Solar Charge Controller

Item Number: BOG-32030
Manufacturer: Bogart Engineering
Model Number: SC-2030
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 03/31/2020

Bogart SC2030 Solar Charge Controller

The SC-2030 is a PWM charger that works in tandem with the new TM-2030 TriMetric battery monitor. In constant communication with the TriMetric, the charger adjusts its charging current based on real-time battery information. The SC-2030 is designed for use with a 12V panel (36 cells) and a 12V battery, or a 24V panel (72 cells) and a 24V battery with efficiency comparable to that of MPPT charge controllers, but without the high cost of MPPT. The charger can handle solar currents up to 30A, and is ideally suited for RV and other small off-grid applications. The SC-2030 works optimally with a TM-2030 monitor, or can also work on its own with reduced performance.

One distinguishing feature is the ability to program the amount of excess amp-hour overcharge, as recommended by US Battery, Trojan, and other major battery manufacturers. A four-stage charging algorithm optimizes both battery life and charge-discharge cycle depth.

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