Bogart TM 2030A TriMetric AH/Volt Meter

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Item Number: BOG-20030
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Bogart Engineering
Made In: United States
Model Number: TM-2030A


The TriMetric TM-2030A is the new battery monitor. It is a standalone monitor, but it can also work in tandem with the new SC-2030 charge controller for optimized battery life, capacity use and efficiency. TriMetric TM-2030 is produced in two models: TM-2030-RV and TM-2030-A but there"s essentially no difference between the two, so we sell only the TM-2030A. The older models (TM-2025 and TM-2020) are still supported.

The TriMetric is used to monitor battery systems used in remote homes, RVs or boats that have batteries that store power from solar, wind, or possibly generator powered chargers. They will help you maintain your batteries by allowing you to see exactly where the batteries are at (SOC) instantainously. If you have batteries you need this meter.

A shunt, is required, but with some enclosures a shunt is already pre-installed, so you might not need an additional one. Call us with questions if you"re unsure on this 888-826-0939.

The TM-2030A is designed to monitor the following:

  • Percent Full (State of charge) of your batteries, so you can see if you need to charge them more, or check that overall usage is less than your charging resources.
  • Volts of the batteries, for example to check that they are being charged at proper voltage.
  • Energy going in, or out of your batteries, measured in amps or watts, so you can see that your charging sources are charging properly, or how much current your loads are using.
  • How many days since the batteries were fully charged:to remind you to not wait too long between fully charging your batteries to maximize their life.

The TM2030A is easier for you to program the necessary system parameters.

  • The TM2030 has some minimal data logging, which can be useful for a technician to diagnose some common setup or operational problems with battery systems.
  • The TM-2030 will operate with (nominal) battery systems from 12 to 48V. The TM-2020 will operate with 12 or 24 V systems, but requires the addition of the TM-48VA Adapter and lightning protection board when using it with 48V battery systems. This also provides lightning protection for the TM-2020.
  • The TM-2030 can also monitor the voltage only of a second battery, such as a starting battery, or possibly also the input voltage of a solar array (if less than 100 volts.)
  • The TM-2030 has a simplified level of operation suitable for most users, but can be configured for more flexibility (and complexity) where occasionally required.
  • (For the technically knowledgeable only) The TM-2030 has a serial data output of all the real time datawhich could be used to access data for other control or output in, for example OEM applications.
  • The newer TM-2030 includes better lightning protection compared with the TM-2020.
  • It is easier to view and enter programmed parameters.

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