Bussman 2 Amp AGC 1/4in Fuse

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Item Number: ELX-20020
Last Price Update: 01/24/2021
Manufacturer: Solar Biz
Made In: United States
Model Number: 2000AGC2

Bussman 2 Amp AGC 1/4in Glass Fuse

Bussman AGC cartridge-style, 2 Amp fast-acting glass fuses open within seconds of being exposed to overloads and short circuits. We typically use these in Accumulating Amp Hour Meter power circuits, plus they are commonly used in instrument panels, small appliance circuits, and automotive accessories. They also called fast-blow glass fuses and are very sensitive to changes in current flow and will not tolerate temporary overload currents or power surges.

These Bussman AGC cartridge-style glass fuses provide excellent overcurrent protection for low-current circuits in appliances, electronics circuit boards, and lighting fixtures. They typically have a voltage rating of 300VAC or less and are used for applications where they will not be exposed to high heat that could shatter the glass. Their small, cylindrical body is see-through for checking whether the fuse wire is intact or has failed.

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