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Conext XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panel (PDP) Prewired

Item Number: SCH-12013
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
Model Number: RNW865101301
Manufacturer Country: United States United States
Last Price Update: 02/23/2020

Conext XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panel (PDP) Prewired

For many years the only distribution panelavailable from Schneider was the large XW-PDP enclosure, which was fine if youwere planning for a second or third XW+ Inverter. But it was rather expensivefor a single XW+ and it was quite big as well.

Enter the XW+ Mini PDP, it is the perfectsize and design for the single XW+ Inverter system. If you want to save onmoney and reduce the system size, the XW+ Mini PDP is exactly the enclosure youwant.

The Schneider Electric Conext XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panelis factory-wired and labeled to support a code-compliant single XW+ inverterinstallation. It will accommodate a combination of AC and DC breakers andwiring for a single XW+ inverter/charger and XW solar charge controller.

This enclosure includes breakers and wiring to connect to an XWinverter/charger. The wiring is labeled and cut-to-length, ready toconnect to inverter, using flexible Arctic Ultra-flex Blue wires. There are multipleknockouts on the sides, top, bottom and back of this enclosure. It also includesa mounting back plate and an XW Conduit Box.

Comes with a 5 year warranty only when purchased from anauthorized Schneider Renewables Distributor.

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