Crown AGM L16 2CRV1200 1200 AH Battery

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Item Number: CRO-21200
Last Price Update: 07/26/2022
Manufacturer: Crown
Made In: United States
Model Number: 2CRV1200

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Crown 2Volt 1200 AH AGM L16 Battery

Crown Batteries truly state of the art manufacturing facility offers a wide variety of true deep cycling, thick plated low maintenance VRLA-AGM batteries. We are proud to offer the latest Absorbed Glass Mat batteries being manufactured with technical excellence. Buy with confidence! The latest AGM, L-16 size 2 Volt offers a high powered, 1200 Amp Hour battery requiring very little maintenance.

The Crown 1 series batteries are designed with performance and value in mind. Offering the thickest grids available - and their own active material manufactured in house, Crown is able to then ensure that the highest quality materials are used in every step of manufacturing process to ensure production of the most reliable AGM batteries on the market today. AGM batteries are sealed and constructed with lead-acid technology, while also offering the advantage of very little maintenance. No watering required, they will not freeze, no hydrogen off gassing.

This is where your solar and wind power investment pays off: In renewable energy storage systems that feature the reliability and longevity delivered by Crown Batteries. Unlike some manufacturers who simply slap a new label onto existing battery products and call it a Renewable Energy line, Crown Battery developed an innovative line of true deep cycle storage battery products. They have evaluated our marketplace needs and produced the best-available power storage solutions for long term solar and wind power systems.

Crown Batteries are the Heavy Weight - and that's important. Because "heavy" means energy dense plates that use more active lead materials. Heavier plates that use more active lead materials are directly related to stronger battery performance and longevity. So, other things being equal, batteries with more active lead material will last the longest. And Crown leads the industry in terms of lead content per ampere-hour of rated capacity. Period.

No other renewable energy battery in the world can compete with the assured performance of Crown. No other manufacturer takes this responsibility as seriously. Compared to Crown Renewable Power Batteries, there is really no comparison.

Crown Battery specializes in deep cycle flooded batteries and this 1200 Amp Hour AGM is the culmination of years of experience and investment in advanced battery manufacturing processes. Built at Crown's American state of the art manufacturing facility these batteries feature heavy-duty cast-on strap and terminal post structures, thick lead plate with proprietary plate design, and Crown's own active material manufactured on-site at Crown's manufacturing facility.

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