Crown AGM 12CRV33 12V 33 AH Battery

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Item Number: CRO-112033
Last Price Update: 05/17/2022
Manufacturer: Crown
Made In: Various
Model Number: 12CRV33

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Crown AGM 12CRV33 12V 33 AH Battery

Crown Renewable Power Batteries offer storage for solar and wind energy. Your solar and wind power investment pays off in renewable energy (RE)storage systems that feature the reliability and longevity delivered by Crown Batteries. Crown offers the most complete, dedicated array of RE batteries with ratings that range from 120 to 3690 ampere-hours (100 Hour Rate). These are the best available and most reliable batteries for serious RE system owners.

Design Features:

Rugged Cell Construction - Signature heavy-duty cast-onstrap and terminal post structures manufactured in a highly automatedproduction process deliver unmatched electrical efficiency and durability.

Safe & Easy Handling - CRP Power Module and Monobloc batteries include fixed handles or lifting lugs to enable safe and easy handling as wellas flexibility to be installed with or without battery racks.

Low Maintenance Reliability - Crown Renewable Products low maintenance design ensures reduced Preventative Maintenance frequency, lower PM service costs, and best-available user Return On Investment:

Proprietary cell construction that reduces water loss during the charge cycle

Additional fluid headspace above the battery plates so batteries can perform longer between watering intervals

Water-Saver battery cover and vent components capture gasses emitted during the charge cycle and return restored fluid to the battery.


Heat-sealed case and cover design with anchor-molded standard terminal

Posi-Wrap plate protection separators reduce maintenance, prevent failure due to plate short-circuit and mossing, and keeps active materials bonded to the plate structure to ensure long battery life

Crown's Z3 design combines three integrated features for superior performance and longevity:

Crown's signature "Diamond Z" plate architecture

An inset lug position

LifePlus Active Material, manufactured with premium leadoxide from Crown's own oxide mill to exact specifications, applied uniformly and temperature cured in computer-controlled Curing Ovens that assure optimum product performance and life.

Full width element protector with individual fingers between each plate lug prevents premature failure from mossing short-circuit and prevents separator damage during cell inspection

Individual 2-Volt Steel Tray Design couples a powerful range of ampere-hour capacities that afford RE system users with unmatched application flexibility while providing a better solution for temperature management and electrical isolation.

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