Crown FreedomBloc 48V 260 AH Storage Systems

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Item Number: CRO-548260
Last Price Update: 07/26/2022
Manufacturer: Crown
Made In: United States
Model Number: FB-LM48V260

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Crown FreedomBloc 48V  260AH Storage Systems

The proven technology behind Crown FreedomBloc is what delivers the power demands of people throughout the world. Equipped with rugged storage capactities ranging from 10 to 20 kWh, FreedomBloc has both low-maintenance and maintenance-free system capabilites. Enables affordable energy storage that makes life easier, and the helps raise the standard of living, health and safety for many communites.

Achieving energy independence means having stored energy readily available-to harvest energy from you system from your system, and keep you running after the sun has set. True energy independence means a dependable, sustainable and ready to deploy energy storage bank for your renewable energy system. Proven benefits that leading RE designers and installers turn to: FreedomBloc by Crown. Providing a long service life and unmatched cost justification in renewable energy applications:

  • Storage box & lid
  • Batteries
  • Battery interconnects
  • Single point watering systems (for wet / flooded product) 

NEC 480.3 Listing of Batteries and Management Equipment

Section 480.3 requires all batteries and their associated battery management equipment to be listed. However, this listing requirement excludes all lead-acid-type batteries.

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