Dankoff 1518 Replacement 24 Volt Pump Motor

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Item Number: DSP-01518
Last Price Update: 06/16/2022
Manufacturer: Dankoff Solar
Made In: United States
Model Number: 1518

For SunCentric, SolarForce and SlowPumps.


Dankoff 1518 Replacement 24Volt Pump Motor for SolarForce, SunCentric and SlowPump pumps.

Please call toll free 888-826-0939 to order this motor as you must specify your pump model number when ordering.

(This cannot be ordered online because you need to specify the model of your pump)

SolarForce Pump:3020/3040 - 24VDC Battery or PV

SunCentric Pump:Models 7423, 7424, 7425, 7426(Standard & High Temp Models)

Slowpump:1400/2600 24B Series 24VDC

Dimensions:18L x 12w x 10h

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