Dankoff 8221-24 24Volt Solaram Surface Pump

Dankoff 8221-24 24Volt Solaram Surface Pump
Price: $3,977.97

Item Number:DSP-02659
Manufacturer:Dankoff Solar
Model Number:8221-24
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:01/17/2019


The Dankoff Solaram Surface Pump draws water from a shallow source. It can utilize direct PV power to push water uphill and/or over long distances for myriad uses. Ultra-efficient:begins pumping in low/non-direct light and uses less power than other pumps in its class. Rugged and reliable design is dirt tolerant, dry-run tolerant, and has a 20 year life expectancy.

Output:2.5 9 GPM (11 34 LPM)
Total Dynamic Lift:Up to 960 ft. (292m)
Suction Capacity:25 vertical feet (7.6 m) at sea level. Subtract 1 ft. for every 1,000 ft. altitude (1 m for every 1,000 m)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

Notes: Great for high-lift applications. 20 year life expectancy. Tolerant of dirt and dry-run.
Warranty:1 year against defects in materials and workmanship.

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