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Solar Biz Wholesale for Solar Dealers

Welcome to Solar Biz, an experienced Solar Equipment Distributor.

Our motto is “We’re here to make you look good”


Solar Biz keeps several warehouses full of solar components and trained personnel to run it. It’s a very large undertaking, so most solar installers find the warehousing services offered by Solar Biz much more economical than maintaining large stocks themselves. Plus, Solar Biz has the sophisticated tracking systems required to keep an accurate stock of equipment, allowing installers to easily order all their solar components for projects.

There is an obvious advantage to partnering with Solar Biz as your distributor. With a distributor comes economies of scale, So, it is less costly for us, the distributor, to warehouse all the equipment and various components necessary for solar installations.

Our primary role in solar is buying specific equipment in bulk, warehousing it and shipping it to our clients. Solar Biz has the purchasing power to acquire larger quantities of equipment at a significantly lower cost than an individual installer could. In other words, we have the ability to save our solar installers both time and money when it comes to component acquisition.

Furthermore, a distributor who really knows the product well enough to insure you’re getting the correct parts and knows which products are compatible, is an indispensable part of the partnership. When you buy from us you can price your systems competitively and fairly to your customers and make a decent living. Fill out our installer application and let us get started to help you grow your business.

Our first tip

There are good reasons for an installer to keep a small warehouse because the solar  industry is subject to “supply shocks,” and these things affect jobs. holding a small inventory of common components is practical insurance.

Buying a few more items over just what is needed is a great way to build a small inventory. Small components can and do fall of your truck or the roof, so having spares can keep the job going, rather than having to wait for an “Overnight Shipment” to continue.


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