Deltec 500 amp 50 millivolt current shunt

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Item Number: MNS-50050
Last Price Update: 10/13/2022
Manufacturer: Deltec
Made In: United States
Model Number: MNSHUNT

DELTEC 500Amp 50 Millivolt Shunt 

This 500 Amp 50 millivolt DELTEC ammeter shunt is a very low-resistance connection between two points in an electric circuit that forms an alternative path for a portion of the current. This Shunt voltage drop is used in conjunction with an ammeter to measure amperage of a circuit. 


Continuous operating current should not exceed 2/3 ammeter shunt rating.  To ensure proper operation the shunt temperature cannot exceed 145°C, as a permanent change in resistance will occur.

I.E. If continuous current for an application is 500 amps, the ammeter shunt rating should be no less than 750 amps. This applies to both 50 and 100 millivolt current drop. To estimate minimum standard shunt rating required, divide continuous application amperage by .6666.

Amp to Volt Relationship

Deltec DC ammeter shunts are listed by Series Type, Amperage and Voltage Drop.

I.E. an MKA-100-100 is a lightweight shunt, which will drop 100 millivolts at 100 amps with Deltec standard  accuracy of plus or minus 1/4%. 66 continuous operation amps is acceptable for this shunt.

100 millivolts = (1/1000)*(100) Volt = .1Volt

50 millivolts = (1/1000)*(50) Volt = .05 Volt

Estimating Resistance

To estimate resistance of a Deltec Ammeter shunt one needs to apply ohms law (1amp X 1volt = 1watt). For example, an MKA-100-50 has an approximate resistance of 0.0005 Ohms. This is determined by V/I=R. (.05 V)/(100 A) = (R).

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