EJOT JZ3 3.15 In. Metal Purlin Fastener

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Item Number: EJT-208050
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: EJOT Solar Fastening Systems
Made In: Germany
Model Number: JZ3-SB-8.0 X 80/50 FZD
The JZ3-SB has been discontinued and replaced with the JT3-SB. See our part number, EJT-208052

EJOT JZ3 5.3 Inch Solar Fastening System for Metal Purlins

The EJOT JZ3 3.15" below the rubber gammet. About 2" above the rubber gammet. Solar Fastening System engineered for easy and rapid anchoring into metal substructures, the fastener forms its own female thread providing a tolerance free connection in substructures of US steel gage 16 or thicker (= 1.5 mm). Available with standard sealing element FZD or EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer (on request). Length variable to suit project.

The stainless steel JZ3's specialized thread design gives maximum fastening performance in steel substructures. It can be used with a wall thickness from about 1.5mm (0.059" / gauge 16 (USG)

Solar panels are installed in different locations, depending on space requirements, proximity to the energy usage point and the availability of solar energy resources.

Solar panel installation points include:

  1. On the roof of a building
  2. Top or side of poles firmly planted in the ground
  3. On the ground and elevated by tilt mounting racks

Regardless of where your solar panels are installed, the goal is to ensure that they remain safe, secure and operational for years to come.

Technical Benefits:

  • The thread length (measured from the thread point to the static fixed point) is calculated to the specifications of your project. It is generated from the recommended installation depth + profile height + insulation thickness of the roofing
  • The specified screw length guarantees the optimum installation depth for every joint.
  • The defined installation depth is an important prerequisite for the preparation of a project related initial sizing.
  • The assembler cannot change the specified insertion depth. Important performance features stay constant.

EJOT System Benefits for Load & Structures: Avoiding a Weak Link

Often during the planning of a solar installation the placing of the module stand on the roof is not sufficiently examined and the importance of the placement is underestimated.

The fastening system can become the weak link in the chain if the actual loads, such as the weight of the complete solar installation and wind force cannot be absorbed with a certain safety margin. The system must also guarantee a lasting seal between roof penetration and fastener. If this link between solar installation and roof is not chosen correctly, it can lead to expensive problems with the solar roof.

EJOT Building Fasteners have developed the "EJOT Solar Fastening System", for joining the mounting rack for solar units and the roof. The Solar Fastening System is directly and securely fastened onto the substructure in a quick, easy and reliable way. The direct load transfer into the substructure is very important, in order to permanently and reliably absorb linear expansion due to temperature, wind and snow loads.

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