Solar Hot Water Systems (Full Color)

Item Number: ECS-10002
Manufacturer: ECS Solar Energy Systems Inc.
Model Number: Lessons Learned (Color)
Manufacturer Country: United StatesUnited States

Solar Hot Water Systems (Full Color)

This book, by Tom Lane, will explain every type of solar hot water system popular today and show you all the components youll need to install. This book has been completely re-written.

This book is available in the extensive version for the Teacher including 2 CD's, the student for the Napcep Exam (with questions and answers and 1 CD), this book in color with no "questions and answers" but with 1 CD and it is in color, and there is a book available in Black and White.

This full color version while expensive is the better way to go over the Black and White version because all the water flow charts make sense in color.

This book will help people who want to use currently available solar water heating products with success, and help them avoid the mistakes of the past. Aimed at the contractor who wants to know what works successfully, and the homeowner who wants basic facts for comparison shopping.

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