Eyewash Station w/ Wall Bracket

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Item Number: TSB-510521
Last Price Update: 06/26/2022
Manufacturer: Quick Cable Corporation
Made In: United States
Model Number: 510521-001

Eyewash Station w/ Wall Bracket

You can't buy another set of eyes; not for $28, not for a million bucks. This may seem like an extravagant purchase, right up until you get acid splashed in your eye. Then this cheap little purchase is worth more than gold.

We consider this a required product, if you have wet cell batteries, and you have not opted to get a battery filling system. Why? Because you have to fill your batteries periodically which means you come in contact with battery acid every time you do.

We recommend you mount this near the batteries in a place you can find it if you are blind.


Emergency Eye & Skin Wash

· Fast personal eye and skin wash when acid spill threatens eyesight

· For battery delivery trucks, field repair, etc.

· Available with wall mount holder or as refill

· 16 oz. (473 ml) eyewash in durable, quick opening, quick pour plastic bottle

· Sterile, isotonic, double-buffered eyewash and skin flush

· Manufactured under FDA guidelines, with National Drug Code printed on every bottle

· ANSI Z358.1-2004 compliant, as personal eyewash only

· Wire wall mount is vibration resistant, has durable black coating, comes with fasteners, and is ideal for delivery and service trucks

· Instructions and MSDS enclosed

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