Generac HomeLink MTS Kit

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Item Number: GEN-86854
Last Price Update: 04/19/2022
Manufacturer: Generac
Made In: Various
Model Number: 6854
Generac HomeLink MTS Kit 

Generac’s HomeLink Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switches are now easier to install, expand and maintain than ever before. To meet the requirements of 2017 National Electric Codes, improved 30-amp and 50-amp HomeLink models can be used with any portable generator featuring compatible GFCI outlets. With interchangeable circuit breakers that simplify the reconfiguration process required for replacing or expanding from 8 to 16 circuits, HomeLink switches can be used to provide power to hard-wired loads such as your home’s furnace, well pump or lights. 

Unlike other manual transfer switches available to the general public, HomeLink models can also be upgraded for automatic functionality with home standby generators up to 11 kW by simply changing out the original controller assembly. Pre-wired for easy installation, these updated switch models also feature an electronic rocker button that seamlessly switches between utility and generator power. Indicator lights identify the presence of utility and/or generator power, and bundled options are currently available with cords and power inlet boxes included. Thanks to the re-launch of Generac’s HomeLink Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switches, protecting your desired loads and transitioning from portable power to an automatic standby solution is easier than ever before. 

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