Goldline GL30-LCO Controller w/ 2 Sensors

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Item Number: AET-3824530
Last Price Update: 11/28/2022
Manufacturer: Goldline Controls
Made In: United States
Model Number: DTC-GL30-LCO

Goldline GL30-LCO Controller w/ 2 Sensors

The Goldline GL-30-LCO Differential Temperature Control is designed to provide maximum operating and flexibility to effectively manage today's innovative solar energy systems. This system you dont have to hard wire in, you just have to plug it in.

The GL-30-LCO is capable of handling most differential temperature control functions for operation of domestic water heating and sophisticated space heating and cooling. It is especially well suited for Antifreeze, Drain back and Recirculate type solar heating systems.


  • ü One Unit Does Work of Many
  • ü System Performance Tuning Capability
  • ü Wider Versatility Of Applications
  • ü Instant Status Feedback Of System Operation
  • ü Quick Plug-In System Monitoring Capability
  • ü Fast, Easy Installation
  • ü Lightning And Static Electricity Protected
  • ü Proven Reliability
  • ü Ease of installation, operation and serviceability

The GL-30-LCO Differential Temperature Control is designed to meet your needs for ease of installation, operation and serviceability. The GL-30-LCO offers you advanced operating features to provide differential temperature control, storage high limit and recirculate freeze protection functions for solar energy systems.

GL-30-LCO output is designed to directly operate a circulator or fan for heat collection purposes when the controller is sensing and appropriate temperature differential. An LED output indicator is provided as an aid for troubleshooting or servicing the system.

Adjustable differential within a range of 80F to 240F. Offers versatility to tailor controls to a specific system design. Systems with long piping may require a higher turn-on differential temperature. Open loop systems with short piping runs may require a lower turn-on differential for optimum performance.

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