Grundfos Reverse Action Pressure Switch (CU200 only)

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Item Number: GNF-10105
Last Price Update: 06/19/2022
Manufacturer: Grundfos Pumps
Made In: Denmark
Model Number: 9013-GSG2-J23-R
Use with CU200


Grundfos Reverse Action Pressure Switch (CU200 only)

Designed for use with the CU-200 Grundfos Pump Controller or other pump controller that uses solid state switching (ie, NOT in line with main AC power). Sensor float switches are used for low current devices such as magnetic contactors or pump control panels. A low cost, three wire sensor float switch, normally open in the down position. (If used with a SunPumps PC-Series controller it can be either a Pump-Up or a Pump-Down switch because the controller has a logic reversing circuit allowing easy logic change for any desired application.) Mechanically activated. NSF approved for potable water. If used with the Grundfos CU-200 controller, it becomes a Pump-Up switch. It will turn the pump off when the tank is full. Maximum power rating:5 Amps 125/250 VAC 50/60 Hz. User Note:Green/yellow stripe indicates ground.

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