GRUNDFOS SQF CU200 Interface Box

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Item Number: GNF-10103
Last Price Update: 04/27/2022
Manufacturer: Grundfos Pumps
Made In: Denmark
Model Number: 96625360

The Grundfos CU 200 Interface Controller is the perfect add-on component which provides additional functionality to your SQFlex well pumping system. It includes an On-Off switch, a Power Consumption Meter, System Diagnostics, and terminals to mount the Float Switch wires.

The CU-200 interface makes it possible to run up to 1600 feet of 18 gauge, 2 conductor wire to a float switch. Instead of routing the total pump current through the float switch, this circuitry is designed with only a micro amp signal to control the pump.

NOTE: The CU200 should mount under the solar array that's out of direct sun.

The CU 200 incorporates cable entries for:

·        Power supply connection

·        Pump connection

·     Earth connection

·        Float level switch connection

·        Communication between the CU-200 and the SQFlex pump takes place via the pump power supply cable. This is called Power Line Communication, and this principle means that no extra cables between the CU 200 and the well pump are required.

·        You can start, stop and reset the pump with the on/off button.

The CU 200 offers:

 ·        System monitoring

·        Alarm indication.

 The CU 200 monitors these pump operations:

 ·        Water reservoir is full (level switch) (pos. 2)

·        Pump is running (pos. 3)

·        Input power (pos. 11)

The CU 200 provides these alarm indications:

 ·        Dry running

·        Service needed in case of:

·        No contact to pump (severed wire or bad splice)

·        Overvoltage

·        Over temperature

·        Overload.

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