Harris Hydro Brushes & Holder 24V and 48V

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Item Number: REX-077051
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: Solar Biz
Model Number: PX2506

Harris Hydro Brushes & Holder 24V and 48V

Harris Hydro Brushes & Holder 24Volt or 48Volt, exclusively at The Solar Biz. If you have been having your alternator rebuilt at the local rebuild shop, you probably notice that the brushes don"t last very long. That is because they are using 12Volt brushes with a high carbon content. On the higher voltages they arc furiously, thus wearing out quickly. Your alternator shop just cannot get these brushes. If you want to install them yourself, buy them from us and take them to the alternator shop. Have them put them in.

This is for the older brush style Harris alternators. Special high copper brush pair with brush holder for 24 or 48 volt Hydro-electric alternators. This is an exclusive item with The Solar Biz. it is not available anywhere else.

If you have any questions about the Harris Hydro Brushes and Holders please call The Solar Biz at 888-826-0939. We have the very best pricing with a low-price guarantee

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