Harris Hydro 24 Volt Alternator New

Harris Hydro 24 Volt Alternator New
Price: $539.97


Item Number:REX-077052
Weight:19.00 lbs
Manufacturer:Solar Biz
Model Number:7705N-PX2506
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:06/28/2010


Harris Hydro 24 Volt Alternator New

We custom build this all new 24 volt alternator for the now discontinued Harris Hydro brush type alternator. All American made parts and bearings with the correct 24 volt brushes and holder.

The Hydro always goes out at an inopportune time so why not have an extra on hand. If you've been having your old Harris unit rebuilt locally you have surely noticed premature brush, rotor slip-ring and bearing failure, because your local guy can't get the proper parts to rebuild a 24 volt hydro unit, so he's been using 12 volt brushes and Chinese bearings.

We use USA made aircraft rated bearings and special made hi copper content 24-48 volt brushes.

We also sell these parts individually if you want to rebuild it yourself. Call us 888-826-0939

If you have any questions about the Harris Hydro Alternator please call The Solar Biz at 888-826-0939. We have the very best pricing with a low-price guarantee

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