Harris Hydro PM Alternator 4 Nozzle 12V

Harris Hydro PM Alternator 4 Nozzle 12V
Price: $2,199.97
Item Number:HHC-547412
Manufacturer:Harris Hydro
Model Number:PM4-12
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:08/26/2012


Harris Hydro PM Alternator 4 Nozzle 12V

All Harris Hydro Turbines are custom built and incur lead times typically 4 to 5 weeks depending on the season. They must be paid for in full before any work starts on the build.

We will need to know about your hydro site in order to design and custom build a turbine for you

1) Head: how far does the water drop from the inlet pipe to the turbine?

2) What size and type is your pipe?

3) What voltage is you battery system?

4) How many feet from the turbine to your batteries?

5) How many feet of pipe are you using top to bottom?

If you have any questions about the Harris Turbine please call The Solar Biz at 888-826-0939

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