Enphase Envoy Communication Gateway ENV-S-AB-120-A M

Enphase Envoy Communication Gateway ENV-S-AB-120-A M
Price: $457.97
Item Number:ENP-19074B
Weight:3.00 lbs
Model Number:ENV-S-AB-120-A M
Last Price Update:02/13/2018


Meet the rest of your solar home energy solution. This little device provides critical system information down to the power production of every single individual solar panel installed. The new Enphase Envoy S- Series solar electric system monitor allows system owners and installers the freedom to interact with their solar power systems from any web connected device from anywhere in the world.

The networking hub of the Enphase system connects each microinverter to Enlighten monitoring software.

Plug-and-play for easy installation

Simple set-up with multiple ways to connect to the internet

Integrates with smart energy devices

Bi-directional communications

The Envoy delivers performance data from your microinverters to the Web, and carries system updates from the Web to your microinverters. Two directions, optimal benefits.

In-depth monitoring

The Envoy brings you the real-time, module-level performance data that makes it easy to monitor your home solar or energy system or fleet of systems from any web-connected device.

Remote problem-solving

The Envoy lets you pinpoint performance issues instantly and resolve them remotely, before they get in the way of system performance.

The Envoy saves you time and money on unplanned truck rolls:at $100 - $300 per truck roll, the savings add up.

Envoy and the Enphase Home Energy Solution

Say hello to the brains of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. The Envoy uses its intelligence to make life simpler for both installers and system owners, with in-depth monitoring, energy usage insights, remote update capabilities and load management. The Envoy connects each component to create one seamless home energy solution.

Smart, Simple, and Powerful.

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