Fronius Symo 12KW Grid Tied Inverter 208/240, 3-Phase

Fronius Symo 12KW Grid Tied Inverter 208/240, 3-Phase
Price: $3,839.97
Item Number:FRO-16012
Manufacturer:Fronius USA, LLC Solar Elec Divs
Model Number:Fronius Symo Lite 12.0-3 208/240
Manufacturer Country:Austria
Last Price Update:07/10/2015


Introducinga new class of commercial and residential grid tied solar inverters from FroniusUSA LLC. Always on the cutting edge offering just that extra difference that onemay need for a seamless solar panelGrid Tied installation, Fronius has now come out with the Fronius SYMO 3-phase, transformer less inverters. While they canalso be used in single phase for smaller residential applications stack anynumber of these little inverters up for a fast convenient commercial system ofany size.

TheSYMO boasts power outputs ranging from 10 kW to 24 kW. They are superlightweight and can literally be installed in 15 minutes. Because they aretransformer-less, the Fronius Symo isthe ideal compact three-phase inverter for commercial applications, making fora HIGH efficiency output (98% to be exact), so very little system loss.

Thehigh system voltage swing, wide input voltage range, and unrestricted use forindoor or outdoor locations will ensure maximum flexibility in grid tied systemdesign. The modern and unique inverters are equipped with the SnapINvertermounting system, allowing for lightweight, secure and convenient installationand repair.

Severalindustry-leading features come standard with the Fronius Symo including a Wi-Fi® and SunSpecModbus interface for seamless monitoring and data-logging (data logger soldseparately with the LITE models), ArcFault Circuit Interruption (AFCI), and a superb online and mobile platform offeredfree of charge from the FroniusSolar.web. This makes the FroniusSymo one of the most communicative, efficient, cost effective, andstreamlined inverter systems on the market.

Please feel free to call uswith questions about Grid-Tied Systems or Fronius inverters and accessories888-826-0939
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