Magnum ME-MGT-AC-EXT Extension 2m Cable

Magnum ME-MGT-AC-EXT Extension 2m Cable
Price: $51.97
Item Number:MEI-99085
Weight:0.75 lbs
Manufacturer:Magnum Energy
Model Number:ME-MGT-AC-EXT
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:07/25/2018


Magnum ME-MGT-AC-EXT Extension 2m Cable

The AC Extension Cable is used to provide connection between micro-inverters in the same branch circuit that are more than 6 feet apart. Magnum Energy MicroGT 500 inverters connect together in a daisy chain and this extension cable can be used to span gaps on your PV array, extending the connection between micro inverters by 6 feet. Add one of these extension cables when extra length between micro-inverters is required.

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