IOTA IQ4 Smart Charger for 12-48 Volt

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Item Number: IOT-36018
Last Price Update: 02/14/2022
Manufacturer: IOTA
Made In: Various
Model Number: IQ-4

Iota IQ4 Smart Charge Controller

IOTA IQ4 4-Stage Smart Charge Controller for the IOTA DLS series Battery Chargers . Great for Storing Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries.

IOTA's traditional IQ4 Smart Charge Controller delivers 4 basic charging functions: BULK, ABSORPTION, and FLOAT, and a seven-day MAINTENANCE cycle. The IQ4 is an excellent way to maintain your stored flooded lead acid batteries, such as in an RV that is parked for extended periods of time.

This "smart" technology monitors the battery at all times. If the DLS voltage remains in the long-term float stage for more than 7 days, the IQ4 will automatically deliver a boost charge for a predetermined time (180 minutes), then automatically return to the normal float stage.


The IQ Smart Charge Controller easily plugs into the Dual Voltage Jack of your IOTA DLS Battery Charger. Once plugged in, the IQ Smart Charge circuitry is automatically engaged, and your IQ module will activate. Your DLS will now provide an automatic and trouble-free charging profile to your batteries!

All DLS converters are compatible with IQ4 Smart Control Technology. The IQ4 Smart Charger allows a DLS charger to operate as an automatic (Bulk, Absorption, and Float) smart charger plus a weekly equalization function. The IQ4 Smart Charger installs simply by plugging into the DLS Dual Voltage Jack. The Smart Charge circuitry is automatically engaged.

Note: External IOTA IQ Smart Charge Controllers are not compatible with DLS units with internal IQ charge controllers.

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