Japanese Style Stainless Wood-Fired Hot Tub Heater Medium

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Item Number: NLC-55000
Last Price Update: 11/12/2020
Manufacturer: NLCT-Timberline
Made In: Canada
Model Number: CF-55000

Japanese Style Stainless Wood-Fired Hot Tub Heater Medium

Beyond a doubt the most beautiful, finest crafted Japanese Style Wood Fired Hot Tub Heaters we have ever seen. We used to sell another well known brand but, they had a fire box that was actually made for a type of charcoal only available in the Orient. So if you burned wood in it you had to go and fill it every 15 minutes.

This lovely 55,000 BTU All Stainless Steel Unit even has a Stainless Steel Grate. The stove body of the heater is made with high quality Stainless Steel, grade (340), so it can be used outside, without worry. And since the firebox is also made of Stainless Steel as well, it will withstand years of service without the danger of burning-out. The smoke outlet on the Wood fired hot tub heater features a unique vented collar that provides secondary combustion of unburned gases, for reducing smoke emissions and chimney sparks.

The Japanese Style Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater utilizes a sophisticated heat exchange design for efficient water heating. The stainless steel stove body surrounding the firebox is a double-walled water-jacket with a 1.5-inch space between, making the entire firebox (except the front) a heat-transferring surface. Additional heat transfer takes place in a water-filled baffle plate that runs horizontally through the firebox. The baffle deflects the path of the fire, so it gives up more heat into the water jacket before going up the chimney. No fussing with some funky stove pipe either, this stove pipe is heavy gauge stainless which will last for years. It even has a damper.

Japanese Style Wood Fired Hot Tub Heaters are precision built wood-burning water heaters designed specifically for hot tubs and above ground pools. They circulate water using the principal of thermosiphon (the pumping action created by rising hot water), eliminating the need for a circulating pump or electricity. This unique feature opens up a whole new range of possibilities for alternative hot tubs. Now you can have a basic soaking tub without pumps, chemicals, or high maintenance.

The wood fired hot tub water heater system is very inexpensive to operate (just the cost of wood). It is ideal in cottage country, where typically users enjoy the pleasures of a soak during weekends and holidays. Wood fired heating systems release considerable amounts of heat. Lake water can be heated to operating temperatures in as little as 1-3 hours depending on the starting temperature and size (volume) of tub.

This Large Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater is designed for use on larger hot tubs or small pools. Comes complete with temperature gauge, 8 feet of stainless steel chimney including a rain cap, pressure release valve, drain valve and cast iron log grates


o High grade stainless steel stove body

o 1/8-inch steel stove front

o Heavy cast iron door and grates

o Generous size firebox

o Vented smoke-outlet for secondary combustion.

o 3/4-inch drain for freeze protection.

o Ash drawer for easy removal of ashes.

o Long handled ash rake

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