Lifeline GPL-U1T AGM Mobile 12V 33 AH Battery

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Item Number: CON-60001
Last Price Update: 02/07/2022
Manufacturer: Lifeline
Made In: United States
Model Number: GPL-U1

Lifeline GPL-U1T AGM Mobile 12Volt 33AH

The Lifeline® GPL-U1T, is rated at 12Volt, 33Amp Hour. We use these batteries in low amp draw systems. Perhaps fountain pumps or yard lights. They are also used in marine and RV applications. This is a sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery. It is a user safe, non-spillable, valve regulated lead acid battery (VRLA-AGM). It is maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals). Plates are thicker than competitors for true deep cycle discharge ability. Utilizes pure lead calcium grids and features proprietary PolyGuard - Microporous Polyethylene Separators with Copper alloy T terminals. These are shock and vibration resistant, and can be installed and operated on their side. Dimensions: 24 Lbs., 7.71 Long x 5.18 Wide x 6.89 High.

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