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Longi Solar 340 Watt Solar PV panels


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WARNING: Most folks are astonished at the high cost of shipping one or two solar panels! Get the best freight rate by ordering four or more modules, contact us for a shipping quote. Shipping is calculated based upon your shipping location, purchase quantity and weight. Orders less than a full pallet incur a $55 pallet fee (we cannot ship Solar Modules without a pallet)

Item Number: LON-100340
Manufacturer: Longi Solar
Model Number: LR6-72HV-340M
Manufacturer Country: Various
Watt: 330
Last Price Update: 08/12/2019

Longi 340 Watt Solar Panels, LR6-72HV-340M


Longi mono solar cell modules have higher reliability. The hignest power output can be 350W. They have excellent performance even under the low - temperature or low - light environment. We promise to provide high-efficiency, high power output Mono-crystalline silicon products, thus guarante e the return on investment.


Positive Power Tolerance
O~+SW positive tolerance of maximal power guaranteed.

High Conversion Efficiency
The highest efficiency up to 18 .1%.

Excellent Performance in Low irradiance
Outstanding power output in low irradiance condit ions, such as dawn, dusk and cloudy days.

Anti-PIO techniques of processing solar cells and encapsulating modules applied; adaptable for the installation in hot and highly humid areas.

Adaptability to the Harsh Environments
Excellent anti salt mist and anti-ammonia capability and is adaptable to the harsh environments, such as seaside and farms.

Super Robust Frame,4Smm Thickness
Good pressure resistance and able to bear3600Pa wind load and 8100Pa snow load.


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