Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy engineers have been manufacturing and designing inverter systems for a long time. Dating way back to the old Trace Engineering days. Most of these guys worked at Trace back then and when Xantrex bought Trace they took all their good ideas and started Magnum Energy.

Dependable Inverter Products all made in the USA, we carry the full line of these great products.

Magnum imposes a Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAPP)

Sensata has unilaterally adopted a MAPP (Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy) for all its Magnum Energy ™ and Magnum-Dimensions ™ brand products. This MAPP revision is effective September 1, 2015.

This policy pertains only advertised prices and does not relate to the actual sales price of any product. This policy applies to all Sensata Technologies, Inc. Magnum Energy ™ and Magnum-Dimensions ™ authorized distributors, dealers, and retailers.

The warranty on Products that are not purchased by an end user through authorized distributors and authorized dealers is null and void. These products are not eligible for warranty coverage. This means if you see an advertised price lower than we list there’s NO WARRANTY

When advertising a price, it is not permissible to use leading language or other means to indicate that any price lower than MAPP is available. Examples of language that is NOT PERMITTED includes, but is not limited to:

a. Click here for your price

b. Price too low to print

c. Price too low to advertise

d. Click for lower price

e. Click for our price

f. Click here for special pricing

g. See price in cart

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    Installation Components & Tools

  1. Gen Starts & Transfer Switches

  2. Battery Chargers

  3. Part#MEI-99061

    Price: $87.97
  4. Breakers

  5. Part#MEI-25028

    Price: $35.97
  6. Fuses

  7. Parts & Accessories

  8. Off Grid

  9. Part#MEI-44024

    Price: $1,531.79
  10. Part#MEI-12424

    Price: $1,533.97
  11. Part#MEI-24048

    Price: $1,475.97
  12. Part#MEI-24024

    Price: $1,455.97
  13. Part#MEI-13112

    Price: $1,015.97
  14. Part#MEI-12012

    Price: $769.97
  15. Grid Tie

  16. AC & DC Enclosures

  17. Part#MEI-25037

    Price: $133.97
  18. Part#MEI-24022

    Price: $99.97
  19. Part#MEI-25032

    Price: $81.97
  20. Part#MEI-24023

    Price: $51.97
  21. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

  22. Part#MEI-00100

    Price: $789.97
  23. Meters & Monitors

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