Magnum ME-AGS-N Auto Gen Start Module 3 Relay Network

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Item Number: MEI-99004
Last Price Update: 06/13/2022
Manufacturer: Magnum Energy
Made In: United States
Model Number: ME-AGS-N

Magnum ME-AGS-N Auto Gen Start Module 3 Relay Network

This network version of the ME-AGS allows operation of the ME-AGS-N via the remote panel. Auto Gen Start For use with RV, marine, and standby generators.

Automatically starts your generator: The Magnum Auto Gen Start (ME-AGS-N) is designed to automatically start your generator based on low battery condition or the inside temperature of your RV coach.

Adjust the ME-AGS-N to meet your needs: With the ME-AGS-N, you can set the battery start voltage from 10 to 12 VDC or 20 to 22 VDC, the temperature start functions from 65F to 85F, the run time from one to five hours, and the quiet time with an easy-to-set clock.

Manual start and stop: Auto Gen Start settings do not interfere with the manual start / stop operation of the generator. Just use any existing start / stop switch.

Selectable cabin temperature for gen start: 65 to 85F
Selectable battery voltage for gen start: 10 to 12 VDC or 20 to 22 VDC
Selectable generator run time: 1 to 5 hours
Selectable quiet time: 5 choices: 9PM to 7 AM, 9 PM to 8AM, 9PM to 9AM, 10PM to 8AM, 11PM to 8AM
Clock: Adjustable 24-hour clock

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