Magnum ME-BMK-NS Battery Monitoring Kit NO SHUNT

Magnum ME-BMK-NS Battery Monitoring Kit NO SHUNT
Price: $117.97
Item Number:MEI-990601
Weight:1.70 lbs
Manufacturer:Magnum Energy
Model Number:ME-BMK-NS
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:03/15/2019


Magnum Battery Monitoring Kit without the shunt. The ME-BMK-NS (Battery Monitor Kit - No Shunt)* from Magnum Energy gives you a fuel gauge type of meter for your battery bank. It monitors the battery bank and reports the percentage state of charge, real time amps, voltage, amp-hours in/out, and the minimum/maximum DC volts. The Battery Monitor Kit includes the sense module, sense and communication cables. This ME-BMK-NS is identical to the ME-BMK except it does not include the 500A/mV shunt. However, this shunt is required to be installed in the battery system for the Battery Monitor to work. This is the same battery monitor as the MEI-99060 but is does no include the shunt. Most folks that have a Midnite E-Panel already own the nessesary shunt, so this option saves money.

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