Magnum ME-MGT500 Micro Grid Tie Dual Output 500W Inverter

Magnum ME-MGT500 Micro Grid Tie Dual Output 500W Inverter
Price: $223.97
Item Number:MEI-99065
Weight:5.50 lbs
Manufacturer:Magnum Energy
Model Number:ME-MGT500
Manufacturer Country:United States
Last Price Update:07/25/2018


Magnum ME-MGT500 Micro Grid Tie Dual Output 500W Inverter

Magnum Energy (a division of Sensata Technologies) recently announced their first grid-tied inverter the MicroGT 500. Magnum Energy's MicroGT 500 is an advanced grid-tie microinverter with the ability to communicate with Magnum Energy PAE-series battery-based inverters. This is a major improvement over other grid-tied inverters because it allows your battery backup and grid-tied systems to communicate directly which results in more efficient battery charging and also improves design flexibility, providing more options for battery banks and backup inverters. MicroGT 500 micro-inverters can be paired with 24 volt or 48 volt off-grid Magnum inverters ranging from 4,000 watts up to 17.6kW AC output capacity which makes the MicroGT 500 inverters suitable for small and large systems.

MicroGT 500 inverters can be used as a grid-tied inverter system to offset energy usage, or they can be coupled to a battery-based Magnum inverter for an AC coupled grid-tied battery backup system. These inverters are the ideal choice for starting out with a grid-tied system and then adding battery backup at a later date. Systems can be expanded in the future by adding more micro-inverters and more battery-based inverters for additional solar and backup power capacity.

Sensata Technologies is an industry leader in producing durable, user-friendly inverters for the off-grid market and the Magnum Energy brand has been a leader in the renewable energy inverter world for years. Their MicroGT 500 inverters include all of the great features of a microinverter system including individual MPPT inputs for each solar panel and web-based system monitoring options. Remote web monitoring is available displaying PV production and battery state of charge. Two panels are plugged into a MicroGT inverter and multiple inverters are daisy chained together with up to seven MicroGT inverters and fourteen solar panels per 20-amp branch circuit. The MicroGT 500's daisy chain design and dual MPPT inputs help to reduce extra components and decrease installation costs.


  • · Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.5 × 8.75 × 1.1 inches
  • · Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • · 10 Year Warranty
  • · Supports two modules per inverter
  • · Handles up to 310W modules with negligible clipping, delivering 250W AC per module
  • · Individual MPPT for each module
  • · Module-level electronics mitigates shading issues and increases system output and reliability
  • · Using seven MicroGT 500 inverters, string up to 14 solar modules with a 20A breaker
  • · UL1741 and NEC690.12 compliant
  • · Storage-ready: Optimized to regulate AC coupled Magnum battery-based inverters, increasing battery life
  • · Can work with or without battery-based inverter system

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