Magnum Mini Panel 175ADC Breaker 60A Single Pole AC Input

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Item Number: MEI-17560
Last Price Update: 06/13/2022
Manufacturer: Magnum Energy
Made In: United States
Model Number: MMP175-60S

Magnum Mini Panel 175ADC Breaker 60A Single Pole AC Input

The Magnum MMP175-60S (175A DC Breaker, 60A Single Pole AC Input) Mini Panel has been specifically designed to combine all of the major components required for a renewable energy system inverter/battery disconnect, AC overcurrent protection, grounding connections, and a full system inverter bypass switch as a convenient way to isolate the inverter for battery maintenance into a single, easy to install pre-wired enclosure. Designed for single inverter applications, the MMP enclosure features convenient front panel operation, and with the optional front panel remote, allows you to easily set up, monitor, and operate your Magnum inverter system. In addition to saving time and money by providing a simple and convenient inverter installation, the MMP enclosure ensures safety and reliability by providing a UL and CSA certified and code compliant system.


  • One DC breaker 175A
  • One AC bypass breaker 60A single pole
  • One AC input breaker 60A single pole
  • 500A/50mv DC shunt
  • DC buss bars for battery positive and negative
  • Din rail or back mount for optional DC mini breakers will hold up to eight breakers
  • Inverter hood

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