Magnum ME-ARC50 Remote Digital LCD Display w/ 50' Cable

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Item Number: MEI-990505
Last Price Update: 06/13/2022
Manufacturer: Magnum Energy
Made In: United States
Model Number: ME-ARC50

Magnum LCD Remote Panel Display
ME-ARC50 w/50' Cable

The Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 is simple to use, yet allows full set-up of all the standard and advanced features available in Magnum inverters. The ME-ARC50 also has the option of controlling the advanced features of the ME-AGS-N Automatic Gen Start and the ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit using a network connection to the inverter. This remote has convenient finger-tip operation, including the new one-knob programming.

The Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 works with:

RD Series Inverter Charger | MM-AE Series Inverter Charger | MS Series Inverter Charger | MS-PAE Series 120/240V Inverter Charger | MSH-RE Series Pure Sine Inverter Charger | ME Series Inverter Charger | MM Series Inverter Charger | MS-AEJ Series Inverter Charger | MS-PE Series Inverter/Charger | RD-E Inverter Charger Series | MMS-E Series Inverter Charger.

What are the differences between the ME-RC50 and the ME-ARC50?

  • The ME-ARC50 has the ability to use shunt-based auto gen start options,
  • It has better meter screens,
  • Gives you the ability to program favorites buttons,
  • If you have children, you have the ability to lock an end user out of Selected Screens.

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