Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy is excited to announce its return to the market in 2018. An improved AHI product based on the S-Line and Aspen form factor is targeted for an April 2018 release.

Since March of this year the Aquion Energy’s Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based R&D and Engineering teams have been working to improve upon the chemistry and quality of the original Aquion S-Line/Aspen battery stack. Improvements will include a boost to the energy density of the stack, continued improvements to cycle life and lifetime capacity degradation all while using the same materials that make Aquion Energy batteries the safest and most sustainable batteries on the market.

It was this commitment to safety, sustainability, and a portfolio of projects across the globe which attracted a large US capital private equity fund to acquire Aquion Energy. This fund has allowed Aquion Energy to emerge out of the restructuring period in just three months since the company filed for Chapter 11 protection.

With capital funding now secure, Aquion can confidently re-enter the market with expanded global manufacturing capabilities. Ultimately these capabilities will result in some of the most competitive acquisition and operational costs in the energy storage industry.

  1. Part# AQE-100048

    Price: 1073.97
  2. Part# AQE-100024

    Price: 999.97


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