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IronRidge was founded in the mid-1990’s to create products that could support and protect off-grid solar installations. At the time, California’s Mendocino County was the epicenter of the residential solar industry, and solar arrays were primarily being installed on hand-built structures. IronRidge’s first products allowed solar panels to be secured to a steel pole that could be placed anywhere.

In the years that followed, solar grew and evolved into a mainstream industry, with panels being installed on nearly every building type, in nearly every region of the world. IronRidge supported this evolution by developing standardized, code-compliant platforms for both roof- and ground-based solar. Our field-proven products are now supporting hundreds of megawatts of solar projects and are trusted by thousands of solar professionals across the globe.

IronRidge was acquired by Esdec in September 2019, joining Quick Mount PV and EcoFasten to become part of the largest rooftop solar mounting and racking hardware group in the U.S. IronRidge becomes an Esdec company while continuing to operate as a separate entity with its own team, unique product lines and sales channels.


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