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Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy engineers have been manufacturing and designing inverter systems for a long time. Dating way back to the old Trace Engineering days. Most of these guys worked at Trace back then and when Xantrex bought Trace they took all their good ideas and started Magnum Energy.

Dependable Inverter Products all made in the USA, we carry the full line of these great products.

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  1. Part# MEI-99061

    Price: 85.97
  2. Part# MEI-25028

    Price: 65.97
  3. Part# MEI-12012

    Price: 789.97
  4. Part# MEI-13112

    Price: 1025.97
  5. Part# MEI-24024

    Price: 1473.97
  6. Part# MEI-25032

    Price: 81.97
  7. Part# MEI-24022

    Price: 27.97
  8. Part# MEI-24023

    Price: 51.97
  9. Part# MEI-12424

    Price: 1619.97
  10. Part# MEI-25037

    Price: 133.97
  11. Part# MEI-44024

    Price: 1615.97
  12. Part# MEI-00100

    Price: 819.97
  13. Part# MEI-24048

    Price: 1687.97


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