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If you live in an area that gets a large amount of snow, an incredible amount of wind, or within a mile of the ocean - Mitsubishi Electric is the manufacturer of Solar Panels you'll want.

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the oldest companies on the market today delivering cutting edge solar energy products. Starting with the development and innovation of solar electric panels used in the Space/NASA programs, they diligently have been working to perfect solar electric panels for nearly 40 years. Utilizing their strengths as a manufacturer of high tech electrical products and long-term experience, they have developed Solar Electric Panels with exceptional performance, quality, and structural integrity that will stand the test of time.

Mitsubishi Electric designs, engineers, and manufactures some of the highest quality solar panels in the world, delivering clean, reliable electricity to users of Solar Power using 100% lead free solder! Mitsubishi Electric is one of the most established solar providers in the industry. These are superior Solar Panels with a 25-year power output warranty that they can back, to optimize your return on investment.

The solar electric panels manufactured by Mitsubishi are specialized for the harshest outdoor environments, which makes Mitsubishi the panel of choice for solar electric installations near sea salt spray or in humid conditions. No corrosion can get a foothold, due to quadruple layered protection built in to the solar panel’s junction box, and specific attention to manufacturing detail to ensure no spaces have occurred.

Their aggressive testing and product development outshine the industry! Attention and effort is given, even down to ensuring the structural integrity of the individual solar cells. Cells have 4 bus-bars instead of 2 crossing them, decreasing electrical resistance and protecting them against micro-cracking which happens over years of outdoor use, and ultimately may cause the degradation of solar electric output. Mitsubishi is the only manufacturer of solar panels that we know of, that have smartly integrated a structural beam across the back frame of their panels, further stabilizing the solar panel against strong winds and snow loads.



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