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Rolls Surrette

Rolls Surrette

Rolls Surrette Battery Company’s premium AGM deep cycle battery line has earned a worldwide reputation of reliability and dependability, in the renewable energy (solar) and marine markets.

High-density polyethylene materials and unique "resistox" plate design provide a life expectancy that is among the longest in the battery industry.

With the highest recycling rating of any consumer product, Surrette is focused on reducing their footprint to help Solar Biz customers reduce theirs. With over 75 years’ of experience and a focus on what's to come has made the Rolls Surrette a brand of batteries internationally recognized as top of the line.

  1. Part# SUR-30004

    Price: 731.97
  2. Part# SUR-30005

    Price: 895.97
  3. Part# SUR-30006

    Price: 1037.97
  4. Part# SUR-30008

    Price: 981.97
  5. Part# SUR-30012

    Price: 503.97
  6. Part# SUR-30013

    Price: 859.97
  7. Part# SUR-30014

    Price: 1009.97
  8. Part# SUR-30016

    Price: 675.97
  9. Part# SUR-30018

    Price: 889.97
  10. Part# SUR-30017

    Price: 879.97
  11. Part# SUR-30007

    Price: 1135.81


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