Morningstar Corp
Founded in 1993 Morningstar Corp is fully employee owned. This makes employee turnaround obviousely the lowest in the industry. As such – this has created an environment of pride and quality workmanship in every product that they ship out. They still have equipment shipped in 1993 in operation today. Speciallizing in equipment used in OFF-GRID solar electric systems, functionality and dependability are vital! As most of this equipment is installed in the harshest environments on earth and extremely far from conventional energy – Morningstar has earned their reputation of dependability. They are constantly striving to maintain a legacy, producing equipment that will last for decades to come using only the very best equipment and components available. Holding over 20 patents and counting, Morningstar is constantly pushing the envelope, to produce equipment that will work well with the latest technologies and advancements due to their extensive research and development, and in house engineering and manufacturing.


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